Review of ArtRage 4

Download ArtRage

ArtRage allows you to create digital art. It is not free, but it is a good investment if you want to produce nice looking digital art. When the program loads, click on the Watercolour or Oil Brush at the bottom left of the screen. Then click where the number says "100%" or some percentage, and drag left or right, for the size of the brush that you want. Click on the rainbow curve at the bottom right to select the type of colour you would like, and then click on the shade of that colour you'd like. You can click on View/Workbench mode on the menu up the top, and then click on the arrow at the top right, so that you have full screen visible for painting, when you want the menu back, just click on the arrow at the top right and then on the cross at the top left. To save, do file/save painting as (type a file ending in .ptg) and click save, then do file/export image file and export it as a .png file (which is lossless). If the .png file is too big to upload to the internet, then you can export it as a .jpg file as well, which is smaller.